Gen Hakone Gora, a Japanese inn with a deck overlooking the starry night sky and an open-air bath in a guest room with hot spring water.

Gen Hakone Gora” is a ryokan with a deck that overlooks the Hakone mountain range and the starry sky, and an open-air bath in a guest room with hot spring water.

Since its opening in May 2021, it has become a popular ryokan for many tourists.

In this article, we will take a closer look at this luxurious ryokan in Kanagawa Prefecture, Gen Hakone Gora, from its charm to its location, room features, and cuisine.

Location of Gen Hakone Gora

Location of Gen Hakone Gora
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Gen Hakone Gora is located in Gora, Hakone, Kanagawa Prefecture.

Since the Meiji period (1868-1912), the town has been developed as a summer resort and villa area, and Gora is a tourist destination with a wide variety of accommodations, including long-established inns such as Gora Kadan and Gora Kansuiro, where you can feel the vestiges of the past.

There are also many places to visit when you come to Gora, such as Gora Onsen-go (hot spring resort), which is located northeast of Hakone and Kamiyama and where you can enjoy the changing seasons, Hakone Gora Park, which was opened in 1914 as a recreational facility for the upper class, Hakone Art Museum, which is the oldest museum in Hakone and where you can see ceramics of oriental and Japanese art, and The Hakone Tozan Railway (Hydrangea Train) runs through the blooming hydrangeas, the Hakone Ropeway connects Hayamiyama Station in Gora to Togendai Station on the shore of Lake Ashi through Owakudani, and the Hakone Open-Air Museum, which opened in 1969 as Japan’s first open-air museum.

You can even enjoy visiting these attractions while staying at Gen Hakone Gora.

Gen Hakone Gora is located in the best location to enjoy Gora to the fullest.

The charm of Gen Hakone Gora

The charm of Gen Hakone Gora
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Gen Hakone Gora is a hot spring inn that harmonizes with the profound and mysterious nature of Gora, offers time and space to heal your senses, and connects people’s hearts and thoughts like a hand-tied thread, the root of the word “Gen.

Hakone Gora Onsen is one of the seventeen hot springs in Hakone, where God dwells.

Gen stands quietly on a plateau in the mountains, surrounded by the chirping of wild birds and the sound of the wind blowing through the trees, and because of the diversity of nature, you can enjoy a wide variety of hot springs in the same area, including acidic, sulfate, sulfur, chloride, and bicarbonate springs.

You can also enjoy the “Gen In-Room SPA,” a relaxation treatment that utilizes the characteristics of spiritual treatment sessions to make you feel comfortable just as you are.

After the treatment, which includes spiritual elements, you will feel a very high level of relief and conditioning, and the wave-like strokes will lead you to a deep semi-awakening that will induce sleep.

The Gen SPA is a great service for women, and one that you should definitely take advantage of when you stay at the hotel.

Gen Hakone Gora Room

Gen Hakone Gora Room
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Gen Hakone-Gora offers a total of six rooms that are a fusion of traditional Japanese style and stylish modern style that envelops you in the majestic nature of Gora.

The rooms combine warmth, brightness, and functional convenience, and are equipped with a deck overlooking the Hakone mountain range and the starry sky, and a guest room open-air bath with hot spring water.

One of the most recommended rooms is the 98m2 room named “Ryo – Corner Japanese-Western Room with Open-air Bath on the Omoji side.

Located on the top floor of the Gen, you can enjoy a panoramic view of the outer rim of Hakone with the “Daimonji” carved on the surface of Meisei-ga-dake (Mt. Meisei) and Sagami Bay in the distance.

Each room has a different flavor, so you will feel fresh and new no matter how many times you visit.

Gen Hakone Gora Cuisine

Gen Hakone Gora Cuisine
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The cuisine at Gen Hakone Gora is naturalistic and creative Japanese cuisine.

The restaurant offers the original taste of seasonal ingredients from the blessed environment, based on careful dashi (Japanese soup stock), with delicate Japanese cooking techniques and bold cooking methods and decorations.

The taste of natural ingredients full of savoriness and delicate yet bold Japanese cuisine are all exquisite dishes that can be savored with all five senses, reminding us of Japanese tradition.

Wouldn’t you like to stay at a hot spring inn in Gora that is filled with such luxury?

Basic information about Gen Hakone Gora

Facility Name Gen Hakone Gora
Address 1300-238 Gora, Hakone-cho, Ashigarashimo-gun, Kanagawa, Japan
Phone Number +81460-82-2229
Budget Approx. 70,000 yen for 2 persons (tax included)
Official website


In this article, I introduced the charm of Gen Hakone Gora, a luxurious hot spring inn in Kanagawa Prefecture.

Gen Hakone Gora is the perfect place to relax and forget about the hustle and bustle of daily life in a time and space that soothes your senses and harmonizes with the profound and mysterious nature of Gora.

From the rooms to the food to the location, you will definitely be satisfied with everything, so if you have a chance to visit the area, be sure to try it out!