Luxurious time at “Izu Kogen Onsen Resort Mori no Izumi” where the luxurious guest room open-air baths are the center of attention.

Izu Kogen Onsen Resort Mori no Izumi is a relaxing inn where you can enjoy the beauty of nature and the four seasons.

Why don’t you spend your holiday in a healing space where you can feel the seasons surrounded by the nature of Izu⁉︎︎?

In this article, we will introduce in detail the charm, location, room features, and cuisine of Izu Kogen Onsen Resort Mori no Izumi in Ito City, Shizuoka Prefecture.

Izu Kogen Onsen Resort Mori no Izumi Location

Izu Kogen Onsen Resort Mori no Izumi Location
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Located about 15 minutes by car from Kawana Station on the Izu Kyuko Line, Izu Kogen Onsen Resort Mori no Izumi is a Nagomi inn where you can relax in a natural town surrounded by the sea and mountains.

The “Eight Views of Ito,” an essential part of Ito’s scenic beauty, are located 5 to 45 minutes away by car at the maximum, and offer a variety of colorful seasonal landscapes.

Lake Ippekiko,” a beautiful lake called the “Eye of Ito,” “Omuroyama,” with its softly curved silhouette, and “Komuroyama,” famous for its flowers, as well as “Jogasaki Kaigan,” where the Ito seven islands can be seen from the precipitous cliffs.

Ito,” famous for its “Shiofuki Park,” where you can feel the grandeur of nature, “Matsukawa,” a river in the city where you can stroll along a promenade full of hot spring atmosphere, “Ito Orange Beach” with its tropical atmosphere, and “Sounsan,” from where you can view a superb panoramic view from its observatory.

Enjoy the natural scenery of mountains, sea, and rivers as much as you like!

Ito City is also dotted with leisure spots and hands-on facilities. At the “Ceramic Studio En-no-Kama” located at the foot of Omuroyama, the symbol of Ito City, you can enjoy a hands-on pottery making experience while facing yourself in the great outdoors.

Various hands-on courses are available, some of which are recommended for children. It would be a great opportunity for parents and children to create wonderful memories together!

Other activities to refresh your body and mind include athletic activities at Izu Guranparu Park and horseback riding at Yonaguni Horse Fureai Ranch.

Attractions of Izu Kogen Onsen Resort Mori no Izumi

Attractions of Izu Kogen Onsen Resort Mori no Izumi
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At Izu Kogen Onsen Resort Mori no Izumi, a fashionable Western-style building with a European atmosphere, the courtyard, which is often visited by natural wild birds, is decorated with illumination at night.

A wide atrium at the entrance welcomes you with the sound of a piano playing in the comfortable open space. The antique chandelier will make you feel like you are on a trip!

The spacious public bath is good for neuralgia, muscular pain, burns, and chronic skin diseases.

The natural wooden bathtubs and open-air baths are tastefully decorated to match the nature of Izu, allowing you to enjoy forest bathing as well.

Even in the rest area, you can enjoy forest bathing through the windows, and listening to the birds’ chirps will further enhance the relaxing effect!

The popular fountain entertainment is held twice daily, and the fantastically illuminated fountain is a moving experience that will make everyone who is with you feel loved.

In the lounge, you can spend a calm and relaxing time looking out at the scenery outside, and the free coffee, wine, and other drinks are one of the most popular things here!

There is a free shuttle bus from Itokyu Kawana Station to the hotel, so there is no need to worry if you come by train.

Izu Kogen Onsen Resort Mori no Izumi Room

Izu Kogen Onsen Resort Mori no Izumi Room
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Featuring luxurious guest rooms, Izu Kogen Onsen Resort Mori no Izumi offers a total of 34 Japanese and Western-style room types.

The hotel’s standard rooms include the “Classic Superior Twin,” a simple yet spacious room where you can spend a fulfilling time.

In the “Japanese Modern Twin” rooms, which are richly decorated with Japanese taste, the calm and serene atmosphere creates a healing space.

The “Premium Classic Twin” is laid out so that you can fully enjoy the nature surrounding the building, and the spacious Western-style room is very attractive.

The “Family Rooms” are available in both Japanese-style and Western-style rooms, and with a maximum capacity of six people, they are ideal for families or groups of friends to relax.

In addition, the annex VILLA building offers a combination of Japanese and Western-style rooms, making for a comfortable stay!

The most notable are the three types of rooms with open-air baths. The calm atmosphere is the perfect setting for enjoying a luxurious stay.

The most attractive feature of these rooms is that you can enjoy the hot spring baths in a very private room without hesitation!

Please take advantage of the full range of amenities and loaner facilities such as irons and trouser presses.

Izu Kogen Onsen Resort Mori no Izumi Cuisine

Izu Kogen Onsen Resort Mori no Izumi Cuisine
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At Izu Kogen Onsen Resort Mori no Izumi, you can enjoy Kaiseki cuisine full of Izu flavors.

Each dish is carefully prepared using only the finest ingredients, and is a feast for the eyes and palate with its flavor, color, and Japanese and Western expressions!

The Four Seasons of Izu Kaiseki features two of Izu’s most popular ingredients, “simmered sea bream” and “Ashitaka beef,” and allows you to enjoy the colorful seasonal flavors of each season.

The “KINMEDAI NO NIITA” kaiseki course is also very popular, featuring the three major Izu ingredients of “KINMEDAI NO NIITA” and “ASHITKA BEEF” plus Ise lobster.

The upgraded kaiseki course includes 10 pieces of sashimi carefully selected by the chef, in addition to a whole kinmedai (sea bream) cooked in its entirety, for the ultimate in Izu flavor and luxury.

Breakfast is a well-balanced meal of mainly Japanese cuisine, which can be enjoyed slowly while enjoying the pleasant morning atmosphere.

In addition to the generous portions of food, many reviewers are impressed by the thoughtfulness of the staff at Izu Kogen Onsen Resort Mori no Izumi, which is sure to increase the satisfaction level of your trip!

Izu Kogen Onsen Resort Mori no Izumi Basic Information

Facility Name Izu Kogen Onsen Resort Mori no Izumi
Address 901-75 Yoshida, Ito-shi, Shizuoka, Japan
Phone Number +81557-44-2111
Budget Approx. 25,300 yen for 2 persons (tax included)
Official website


In this article, we have introduced Izu Kogen Onsen Resort Mori no Izumi.

This hotel allows you to fully enjoy the beautiful scenery of Ito’s eight scenic spots.

Please visit the Izu Kogen Onsen Resort Mori no Izumi where you can spend a luxurious and wonderful time while enjoying the scenery filled with the various colors of the four seasons.