SHIGUCHI, a new style of lodging where you can experience art and regain yourself

SHIGUCHI is a new style of lodging where you can experience art and regain yourself.

Yotei, this healing space that connects the senses is an exquisite inn where you can enjoy a moment of serenity.

In this issue, we will introduce in detail the charm, location, room features, and cuisine of SHIGUCHI, a luxurious art inn in Kutchan, Hokkaido.

Location of SHIGUCHI

Location of SHIGUCHI
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SHIGUCHI is located in Kutchan, Hokkaido.

Kutchan is known as a town rich in nature, with views of “Niseko Annupuri,” the main peak of the Niseko mountain range stretching from the Sea of Japan, and “Yotei,” Mt.

Yotei (Mt. Ezo), one of the 100 most famous mountains in Japan, as well as activities and tours such as rafting, ducking, and canyoning in spring and summer, and high-quality powder snow in winter. Niseko HANAZONO Resort, where you can enjoy rafting, ducking, canyoning, and other activities and tours in spring and summer, and fine powder snow in winter; NAC Niseko Adventure Center, which has one of the largest climbing areas in Japan; and GOOD SPORTS, which offers attractive outdoor activities to experience the great nature in Hokkaido. GOOD SPORTS,” which has the largest climbing area in Japan, and Hirafu Kogen Central Park, which has a promenade where visitors can stroll around the grounds dotted with waterfalls, ponds, flower beds, and other features.

It is also a good idea to stay at SHIGUCHI and take your time to explore these sights while staying at the hotel.

SHIGUCHI -SIGUCHI is located in an excellent location, ideal for sightseeing in the surrounding area.

The Charm of SHIGUCHI

The Charm of SHIGUCHI
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SHIGUCHI is a new style of lodging where you can enjoy the experience of staying in a gallery, surrounded by art.

Bird watching with binoculars in the room is also available.

You can also enjoy the time passing slowly while looking at the panoramic view of Niseko’s nature and the valley through the large windows.

You can also enjoy the panoramic view of the four seasons while bathing in the 100% natural hot spring water, which is not heated or watered at all, 24 hours a day, whenever you like.

Soaking in the unique natural stone and cypress hot spring is a moment of bliss. You can also enjoy the hot spring slowly and forget about the time.

Shiguchi’s Room

Shiguchi's Room
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SHIGUCHI – A total of five rooms are available at SHIGUCHI, each with a different atmosphere.

Among them, we recommend the room named “CHI chi”.

There is a bedroom with a king-size bed, living room, and kitchen on the first floor, and when you go up the stairs to the second floor, you will find a 6-mat Japanese-style room in the attic space of an old Japanese house on the right side.

This room can accommodate 1 to 4 people, making it perfect for families.

While relaxing on the leather sofa in the living room, you can enjoy the panoramic view of nature in front of you.

In addition, on the covered terrace, an open-air bath with a source of spring water is available, made of hollowed-out stone.

You can enjoy a blissful moment while admiring the scenery of the valley.

Shiguchi’s Cuisine

Shiguchi's Cuisine
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SHIGUCHI – Shiguchi’s cuisine offers a variety of dishes prepared with seasonal ingredients from Hokkaido.

Chef Koseki’s creative course meals are truly exquisite, using fresh ingredients from his own vegetable garden, which add to the flavor, color, and seasonality of Niseko and Hokkaido, with a modern twist inspired by the Ainu and Jomon lifestyles and food culture. Once you try these dishes, you will want to eat them again and again.

Wouldn’t you like to stay at a Kutchan inn filled with all these luxuries?

Basic Information on SHIGUCHI

Facility Name SHIGUCHI
Address 78-5 Hanazono, Kutchan-cho, Abuta-gun, Hokkaido, Japan
Phone Number +81136-55-5235
Budget Approx. 140,000 yen for 2 persons (tax included)
Official website


In this issue, we introduced the charms of SHIGUCHI, a luxurious art inn in Kutchan, Hokkaido.

SHIGUCHI is a new style of lodging where you can enjoy an extraordinary time surrounded by art and a gallery-like experience.

We recommend this inn to those who wish to stay in a different way from the usual, so if you have a chance to visit the neighborhood, please try to stay there.