Kaiseki Ryokan Ashikari, a luxurious ryokan nestled in a quiet mountain area of 2,000 tsubo

Kaiseki Ryokan Ashikari is a luxurious ryokan nestled in the quiet mountains of 2,000 tsubos.

The hotel is popular for its kaiseki cuisine, which is a sumptuous seasonal dish that is highly acclaimed by food connoisseurs.

In this article, we will introduce in detail the charm, location, room features, and cuisine of the Ryokan “Kaiseki Ryokan Ashikazato,” which is located in a dignified setting in the lush greenery of Kanagawa Prefecture.

Kaiseki Ryori Ashisato Location

Kaiseki Ryori Ashisato Location
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Kaiseki Ryori Ashikari is located in Yugawara, Kanagawa Prefecture.

Facing Sagami Bay, Yugawara is a sightseeing spot where you can enjoy not only hot springs and gourmet food, but also cherry blossom viewing and historical exploration.

The Nishimura Kyotaro Memorial Museum, which exhibits the personal belongings and 500 books of Kyotaro Nishimura, a leading travel mystery writer, and the Gosho Pot, one of the most powerful tourist spots in Yugawara, was founded in the reign of Emperor Tenchi and is dedicated to Amaterasu and Amano-ninshihomimi no Mikoto, among other deities. Gosho Shrine, which is also known as one of the most powerful shrines in Yugawara; Yugawara Seaside Park, where you can relax and enjoy the view of the ocean; Makuyama Park, where nature is beautiful from season to season, especially in early February and March, when the ume (plum) blossom party is held and approximately 4,000 ume trees are in full bloom in red and white; and Anest Iwata Skyline, where you can enjoy the view of the World Heritage registered Mt. Fuji, and Fudodaki Falls, famous for the discovery of a new mineral called “Yugawara Boiling Stone” in the vicinity of the waterfall basin.

It is a good idea to stay at Kaiseki Ryorian Ashikari and take your time to visit these sightseeing spots.

Kaiseki Ryokan Ashikari is located in the best location for sightseeing in the area.

Kaiseki Ryori Ashisato Attractions

Kaiseki Ryori Ashisato Attractions
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Kaiseki Ryori Ashisato is a newly built open-air guest room with a spacious deck and an outdoor hot spring bath. All of the guestrooms have a view of the nature of Mt.

Another attraction of the Kaiseki Ryori Ashisato is that you can enjoy the famous hot spring water that has been flowing since ancient times in a relaxing atmosphere.

The garden open-air baths are located on a path leading from the corridor to the Japanese garden, where you can enjoy a relaxing time in the open-air baths surrounded by greenery.

The indoor baths are calm and serene, and the outdoor baths offer views of the four seasons. The baths in both the Camellia and Tachibana baths are made of Sabi granite, with cypress wood on the ceiling and walls, creating a relaxing atmosphere.

Kaiseki Ryori Ashikari Room

Kaiseki Ryori Ashikari Room
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Kaiseki Ryori Ashikari offers a total of 17 rooms with charming sukiya-style Japanese decor.

Taking full advantage of the majestic and austere nature in the mountains of Yugawara, the rooms are stylishly designed based on the serene Japanese style of sukiya-zukuri.

All guest rooms are equipped with an open-air bath with free-flowing hot-spring water, and are warm and nostalgic, as well as functional and elderly-friendly.

This spacious and restful space is the perfect place to spend a special day with someone special.

Kaiseki Ryori Ashikari Cuisine

Kaiseki Ryori Ashikari Cuisine
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Kaiseki Ryouan Ashikari offers exquisite kaiseki cuisine that lets you savor the changing seasons.

Using an abundance of fresh seafood and seasonal vegetables, you can enjoy the rich seasonal flavors that only the Kaiseki Ryori Ashikari can offer.

You can enjoy carefully prepared dishes that make the most of the local seasonal flavors and ingredients.

Wouldn’t you like to stay at this luxurious inn in Yugawara, filled with all these luxuries?

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Kaiseki Ryori Ashisato Basic Information

Facility Name Kaiseki Ryori Ashisato
Address 734 Miyakami, Yugawara-cho, Ashigarashita-gun, Kanagawa, Japan
Phone Number +81465-62-4151
Budget Approx. 67,000 yen for 2 persons (tax included)
Official website https://www.ashikari.com/top.html


In this issue, we introduced the charms of the Kaiseki Ryokan Ashikari, a ryokan nestled in the lush greenery of Kanagawa Prefecture.

Kaiseki Ryokan Ashikari is a charming inn with newly built guest rooms with open-air baths on a spacious deck in addition to the standard guest rooms with dignified and comfortable furnishings.

When you come to the neighborhood, please stay there.