Enjoy a panoramic view of the Onna Sea from the sky Jacuzzi bath at HIYORI Ocean Resort Okinawa!

HIYORI Ocean Resort, which opened just last year in Onna Village, a resort mecca in the West Sea in the northern part of Okinawa’s main island, offers a panoramic view of Onna’s ocean in every room.

Surrounded by the emerald green sea, why don’t you spend a pleasant time both seeing and playing?

In this issue, we will introduce in detail the charm, location, room features, and cuisine of HIYORI Ocean Resort Okinawa in Okinawa Prefecture.

HIYORI Ocean Resort Okinawa Location

HIYORI Ocean Resort Okinawa Location
Source : https://okinawa-hiyoriocean.jp/

Located 49 minutes by car from Naha Airport, HIYORI Ocean Resort Okinawa is about 7 minutes from the Naha IC to the Okinawa Expressway and off the public road at the Ishikawa IC.

All hotel rooms overlook the emerald green ocean, and the combined living room and terrace area is over 70 square meters.

Nearby are Misaki Diving, Sina Surf, and many other tourist spots where you can enjoy the Okinawan sea to the fullest.

Misaki Diving offers Onna Blue Cave diving and snorkeling tours that will take you to a world you have never seen before.

The tropical fish seen from the blue cave will lead you to a mysterious sensation!

You can charter a guide for your group, so you can enjoy the tour with your children.

The staff are all funny and friendly, and they will take care of you all the time, so you can enjoy the tour around the store and take pictures to your heart’s content.

They will guide you along the best routes to create family memories and events, making for an unforgettable and emotional experience.

Next, Sheena Surf offers a surfing school that even beginners can join.

The staff at Sheena Surf is so kind and attentive that there are even word-of-mouth reports that “people who couldn’t even stand on a board anywhere else to experience surfing improved quickly with the right advice from the Sheena Surf staff. For experienced surfers, Sheena Surf also offers board rentals and surf point guides.

And inside Sheena Surf is the world’s first completely Japanese-patterned surfboard brand “WANOFUYA,” which you should see at least once. Be sure to stop by!

Attractions of HIYORI Ocean Resort Okinawa

Attractions of HIYORI Ocean Resort Okinawa
Source : https://okinawa-hiyoriocean.jp/

HIYORI Ocean Resort Okinawa is characterized by the fact that you can enjoy your time in Okinawa to the fullest, whether you are enjoying the sea or the town of Onno-mura or spending time in your room.

The emerald green ocean seen from the hotel rooms located on a hill is a soothing and meaningful place to spend time.

Popular activities at the hotel include morning yoga and tai chi. The ability to do something you would not normally be able to do is one of the attractions of HIYORI Ocean Resort Okinawa.

Morning yoga is offered on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, weekends on Saturdays and Sundays, and tai chi is offered twice a week on Mondays and Fridays, at 6:00 a.m. and 7:00 a.m.

Outside, there is even more fun to be had at the beach or on the golf course.

There are numerous golf courses nearby, and hitting a shot into the emerald green ocean is a liberating and exhilarating experience.

The large public bath is a semi-open-air bath, and the men’s sauna is quite hot at about 100°C, allowing you to work up a good sweat. The water bath is a comfortable 18°C to 19°C, and the women’s sauna is an aromatic steam sauna where you can spend time smelling the aroma.

The esthetic salon is very popular among women for its lymphatic massage using seaweed gel. There are a total of five courses, and one of the most popular is that couples can have treatment together.

The fitness center is open from 5:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m., so you can exercise any time you like while enjoying nature.

The hotel also has a convenience store as well as a select store of Okinawan goods, so you can get everything from daily necessities to souvenirs.

HIYORI Ocean Resort Okinawa Rooms

HIYORI Ocean Resort Okinawa Rooms
Source : https://okinawa-hiyoriocean.jp/

All rooms at HIYORI Ocean Resort Okinawa have ocean views, and each room has seven different dining options.

The rooms are divided into five suites, each with its own characteristics.

The Lanai Suite is smaller, with 15 rooms, but it is conveniently located on the second floor for easy access to the common facilities.

The Ocean Suites are the largest, with 102 rooms, and can be partitioned to allow for more individual time.

Six of the 12 Ocean Corner Suites are on the high floor, and offer approximately 85 square meters of space between the living room and the flat terrace.

The Premium Ocean Suite has 15 rooms with ocean views from the top floor and a special open-air bath.

Finally, the Tenku Luxury Suite is the most luxurious with only two rooms.

Located on the corner of the top floor, this room overlooks Onna Village and the ocean, and has a sky Jacuzzi bath on the terrace. With an area of approximately 160 square meters, this room is worthy of being called special.

All rooms are equipped with a washing machine with dryer, and the amenities of Italian organic brands are also popular with women. Another popular feature is that the rooms are equipped with high-quality, bass-heavy Bluetooth speakers.

Cuisine at HIYORI Ocean Resort Okinawa

Cuisine at HIYORI Ocean Resort Okinawa
Source : https://okinawa-hiyoriocean.jp/

Using fresh, local ingredients, HIYORI Ocean Resort Okinawa offers Plan, Do, See created with the theme of local production for local consumption. In addition, tacos and tortillas with a Mexican motif are also part of the popular menu.

Lunch courses in the main dining room start at 3,000 yen and offer a variety of tastes such as Mexican carpaccio of fresh fish and Okinawan pork shoulder roast.

Dinner courses start at 6,000 yen and include dishes such as Onna Village Ripe Tomato Gazpacho and Seared Wagyu Beef Sushi, which are both pleasing to the eye as well as the palate.

Of course, you can also order a la carte dishes, which are available in a wide variety.

At Teppan-yaki Zen, high-quality brand beef is cooked right in front of your eyes. The performance is sure to make your meal a memorable one.

After dinner, you can enjoy cocktails made with items unique to Okinawa at the bar lounge.

Of course, if you don’t want to leave your room, you can order room service.
You can enjoy not only light snacks, but also dishes not available at restaurants, such as Agu pork shabu-shabu and seafood rolls, in the comfort of your room.

HIYORI Ocean Resort Okinawa Basic Information

Facility Name HIYORIオーシャンリゾート沖縄
Address 1055-1 Nakadomari, Onna Village, Kunigami-gun, Okinawa, Japan
Phone Number +8198-965-1600
Budget Approx. 46,000 yen for 2 persons (tax included)
Official website https://okinawa-hiyoriocean.jp/


In this article, I have introduced HIYORI Ocean Resort Okinawa.

This is a hotel where you can fully enjoy the blue ocean, blue sky, and spectacular natural scenery of Okinawa.

Whether you are spending time with your loved one or with your family or friends, you will be able to enjoy the space.

Please visit HIYORI Ocean Resort Okinawa.