Awara Onsen Grandeur Hosen has been passed down from generation to generation.

Awara Onsen” in Fukui Prefecture has been in operation for more than 140 years.

With famous sightseeing spots nearby, it is recommended for those who wish to refresh both body and soul in a relaxing and luxurious hot spring bath.
In this article, we will introduce in detail the charms, location, room features, and cuisine of “Awara Onsen Grandeur Hosen” in Hokuriku.

Awara Onsen Grandeur Hosen Location

Awara Onsen Grandeur Hosen Location
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Awara Onsen” is located in Awara City in the northernmost part of Fukui Prefecture.

It is close to Kanazawa, and nearby is the famous Tojinbo, where you can experience the precipitous cliffs, Tojinbo is also a national natural monument.

Other tourist attractions include the Fukui Prefectural Dinosaur Museum and Shibamasa World, where both adults and children can enjoy themselves all day long in the summer, making it possible to visit a variety of tourist attractions after enjoying Awara Onsen.

Awara Onsen Grandeur Hosen Attractions

Awara Onsen Grandeur Hosen Attractions
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We value the relationships we have with our guests and offer various plans and facilities to make our ryokan “the ryokan you want to visit” and “the ryokan you want to visit again.
For example, the souvenir shop is a “shopping mall” where you can choose and shop to your heart’s content for Hokuriku and Fukui’s specialty products.

There are also other activities such as making hot spring eggs, footbaths, and walking baths, so that one night is not really enough. It would be good to stay for consecutive nights to enjoy them.

The existing large public baths with a view have been renovated and reopened as “Tsuki no Yu” and “Hoshi no Yu”.
You can enjoy hinoki (Japanese cypress) baths, sleeping baths, and bubble baths.
The attraction of this ryokan is that you can enjoy a variety of hot spring baths in a relaxed atmosphere.

After arriving at the ryokan and checking in, you may want to take a break, and Grandeur Hosen offers an “all-inclusive” package that includes free drinks and alcohol in the lounge on the first floor in the morning, evening, and night!
You can relax as much as you like in the hotel.

There is also a gym area and co-working space that can be used casually, which is convenient when you want to exercise. There is also an esthetic and relaxation menu, so you can spend your time in elegance.

Another highlight is the “feng shui ball,” which is said to improve one’s luck.
The 200-kilogram sphere spins with the power of hot spring water, so be sure to touch it and try to improve your luck.

Awara Onsen Grandeur Yoshisen Rooms

Awara Onsen Grandeur Yoshisen Rooms
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A variety of rooms are available, including suites with an outdoor hot spring bath and guest rooms with a garden hot spring bath.
Just hearing the name of this hotel will surely make you feel elegant.

In particular, the “Kotokomichi-tei,” which was renovated in April 2021, offers a view of the Japanese garden from all guest rooms, and you can have as many drinks and alcohol as you like for free in the exclusive lounge. Why not use it for a special occasion?

The “Nagomi-no-za Sakura-tei,” which was renovated in November 2021, has spacious and comfortable guest rooms with beds, making it very convenient for groups.

All rooms are clean and non-smoking. All rooms are clean, non-smoking, and offer a relaxing atmosphere where you will want to stay for days on end.

Awara Onsen Grandeur Hosen Cuisine

Awara Onsen Grandeur Hosen Cuisine
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Enjoy authentic Kaiseki cuisine at Echizen on the Sea of Japan.
Our veteran chefs prepare seasonal dishes and fresh fish dishes.

You will have a hard time deciding where to start with the colorful dishes.
The creative kaiseki dishes are also popular.

The spacious open kitchen and buffet featuring Wakasa beef and a wide variety of seafood are also popular.
The restaurant’s relaxed atmosphere makes it feel like a dinner buffet for adults.

There is also a Japanese-style restaurant, Ryotei, where you can enjoy kaiseki cuisine with sake from the cellar lined with Fukui’s local sake and wine.

For breakfast, you can enjoy Japanese cuisine at the ryotei or a Japanese/Western buffet.

Awara Onsen Grandeur Hosen Basic Information

Facility Name Awara Onsen Grandeur Yoshisen
Address 43-26 Funatsu, Awara City, Fukui, Japan
Phone Number +81776-77-2555
Budget Approx. 44,000 yen for 2 persons (tax included)
Official website


Fukui Prefecture is number one in Japan for happiness! There are many sightseeing spots, luxurious hot springs, and delicious meals. It is truly a time of bliss.

Both your mind and body will be cleansed, and you will forget about the busyness of everyday life.

Even if you have visited before, why not go back to enjoy the renewed hot spring?

You can also immerse yourself in the thoughts of the proprietress, who is grateful for the various connections she has made, and in the supreme hospitality that has been passed down from generation to generation.