Enjoy natural hot springs at Ise Shinsen, a charming Ise Geku approach to Ise

Why don’t you enjoy natural hot spring at “Ise Shinsen, the approach to Ise Geku,” full of charm?

The first inn in downtown Ise with a natural hot spring. It is an exquisite inn where you can enjoy Japanese cuisine that makes the most of local seasonal ingredients and feel the flow of time in a relaxed atmosphere.

In this issue, we will introduce in detail the charm, location, room features, and cuisine of this Ise Shinsen, Ise Sotogu approach in Mie Prefecture.

Location of Ise Shinsen on the approach to Ise Outer Shrine

Location of Ise Shinsen on the approach to Ise Outer Shrine
Source : https://www.iseshinsen.jp/

Located a minute walk from Ise-shi Station on the JR Sangu Line, Ise Shinsen at Ise Geku Sando is a healing inn with natural hot spring in every room.

Located in front of Ise-shi Station, it offers easy access not only to Ise Jingu (Geku) Shrine, but also to Toba and Shima regions.

A 30-minute drive will take you to “Matuma-iwa,” which has been known since ancient times as a place for sunrise excursions.

From May to July, sunrise can be seen from between the rocks, and from fall to winter, a full moon can be seen from between the rocks.

Even from a distance, the couple of rocks lined up in a friendly row reminds us of the importance of walking together despite the waves.

The sacred stone is said to be a place of refuge for descending deities and a holy place where deities from the everlasting land come to visit.

In “Okage Yokocho”, located in the center of the gate town of the Inner Shrine of Ise Jingu, the buildings of Ise-ji from the Edo and Meiji periods have been relocated and recreated, and visitors can fully enjoy the tastes of about 50 long-established stores.

This place is crowded throughout the year with festivals where you can enjoy the seasonal changes unique to the Ise region, and it will give you a good time any time you visit!

Attractions of Ise Shinsen on the approach to Ise Outer Shrine

Attractions of Ise Shinsen on the approach to Ise Outer Shrine
Source : https://www.iseshinsen.jp/

Ise Shinsen, facing the approach to Ise Geku, is the first ryokan in the area to offer natural hot spring water.

The large open-air bath is spacious and relaxing.

Enjoy the tasteful and emotional relaxation to your heart’s content in a spacious area with a view of the forest of the Geku shrine in the distance.

The souvenir shop offers everything from delicious foods from the Ise-Shima region to lucky charms that may bring you good fortune, making it a fun place to spend time just looking around.

Other shopping spots at Ise Shinsen on the approach to Ise Geku include Ise Miyage Ise Department Store on the approach to the Geku and the Meikama Sokui Ichiba Ise Kiki Ichiba (Meikama Sokui Market), which features pottery from the Tokai region all in one place on the premises.

Ise Department Store is the largest souvenir store in the Ise Geku approach area!

It offers a wide variety of Ise-Shima specialties such as original Ise udon noodles and seafood rice crackers.

You will surely find what you want, such as marine products and famous confections from Mie Prefecture.

The Ise ware market features Mino ware, which accounts for about half of Japan’s pottery production, Seto ware, Tokoname ware, and Shigaraki ware, which are counted among the six oldest kilns in Japan, as well as Iga ware and Yokkaichi Banko ware from the local Mie Prefecture, and a wide range of products for daily use and handmade by artists!

Please take a look at each item while thinking of the recipient’s face.

Ise Outer Shrine Approach Ise Shinsen Room

Ise Outer Shrine Approach Ise Shinsen Room
Source : https://www.iseshinsen.jp/

All of the 45 rooms at Ise Shinsen on the Ise Geku approach have an open-air bath, so you can enjoy bathing in a natural hot spring without worrying about anyone else.

The rooms are based on the good old traditions of Japan, and the refined functional beauty of the rooms will make you feel the real pleasure of your trip.

The clean rooms are cozy spaces where you can feel the comfort of a hotel and the relaxation of a ryokan.

The well-stocked amenities are also carefully designed with attention to detail.

In addition to a set of hair dryers, which are great for women, yukata and nightclothes are provided.

It is a stress-free good night’s sleep for those who do not like their yukata to be disheveled in the morning.

The circular indoor bath placed outside the room gives a sense of openness, allowing you to fully enjoy the natural hot water gushing from Ise Jinsen.

Perfect for enjoying a hot bath while feeling the breeze!

Each room has an open-air bath, so you can enter whenever you want 24 hours a day, which feels like the ultimate luxury.

Ise Shinsen Cuisine at Ise Outer Shrine Approach

Ise Shinsen Cuisine at Ise Outer Shrine Approach
Source : https://www.iseshinsen.jp/

The meals at Ise Shinsen, located on the approach to the outer shrine of Ise, are kaiseki meals that use traditional Japanese cooking techniques and abundant seafood from Ise-Shima.

The sumptuous dishes are only to be found here!

The restaurant has an established reputation for its cuisine that focuses on dashi, the most important ingredient in Japanese cuisine, and draws out the best of seasonal ingredients, especially those from Ise-Shima.

Kaiseki cuisine at the “Japanese Cuisine ISEGIN” restaurant makes the best use of the ingredients’ natural flavors!

At the seafood gourmet eatery “Jibutsu Kaisen Ryori Ise Aminoto Shokudo”, you can enjoy meals that make the most of seafood, such as rice bowl menus and table-top beach grill menus.

A large selection of Mie Prefecture’s famous sake and locally brewed sake is also available, adding another dimension to your enjoyment.

And the café at the entrance to the Ise Outer Shrine approach in front of Ise-shi Station creates a relaxing atmosphere.

Inside the cafe produced by Ise Shinsen, the mellow charcoal-roasted coffee that goes well with the long-brewed sweetness is very popular!

The aroma of each cup brewed by hand drip wafts through the store.

The adjoining sweet shop manufactures and sells rich sponge cakes made with ingredients from Ise and Shima.

Sweets using seasonal ingredients are also very popular.

We also have a wide variety of cup sweets to take home, such as macaroons and salted sablé, so you can enjoy them in your room.

Basic Information on Ise Shinsen at Ise Outer Shrine Approach

Facility Name Ise Shinsen
Address 1-1 Honmachi, Ise City, Mie, Japan
Phone Number +81570-0117-22
Budget Approx. 37,400 yen for 2 persons (tax included)
Official website https://www.iseshinsen.jp/


This time, we have introduced Ise Shinsen, located on the approach to Ise Geku in Mie Prefecture.

The restaurant offers a variety of sumptuous cuisine, and all rooms have natural hot spring baths.

Please visit Ise Shinsen at Ise Sotogu Sando, which is not only a regular inn for worshippers when visiting Ise Shrine, but also has good access to Toba and Shima regions.