Special time with your loved one at the popular “Hanare-Yado Zensaku”, where all guest rooms are en-suite with open-air baths.

With only 6 rooms available per day, Zensaku is an inn quietly built at the foot of Omuroyama, overlooking the ocean, with an open-air bath and indoor hot spring in every building.

Please enjoy seasonal kaiseki dishes that lavishly use seasonal ingredients and Izu’s seafood.

In this article, we will introduce in detail the charm, location, room features, and cuisine of Zeshaku Inn in Ito City, Shizuoka Prefecture.

Location of Zesaku

Location of Zesaku
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Located 8 minutes by car from Izu-Kogen on the Izu Kyuko Line, “Hare-Yado Zensaku” is a luxury ryokan in Izu-Kogen. With only six rooms per day, this hidden inn stands quietly at the foot of Omuroyama.

A 12-minute walk from the inn, “Izu-no-Tokogei Experience Hokkekyoan” is a handmade studio where you can feel the warmth of the natural landscape.

Using rare clay, they can reproduce ancient Japanese pottery with their own techniques. It is very popular as a souvenir of your trip, and reservations can be made one month in advance, so please join us.

A 21-minute walk from the inn is Izu Shaboten Zoological Park, and nearby is Izu Guranparu Park.

The Izu Shaboten Zoological Park has five pyramid-shaped greenhouses, where about 1,500 varieties of cacti and succulents from all over the world grow.

The park also houses about 140 species of animals, including chimpanzees, capybaras, and ring-tailed lemurs, while squirrel monkeys and peacocks live free-range!

The Animal Boat Tours, which take visitors on a boat ride around the large pond in the center of the park with an animal guide, are very popular with visitors of all ages.

In addition, 33 replicas of ancient Mexican ruins, including 24 different species, presented to the park by the Mexican government in 1973, are on display.

Izu Guranparu Park is a leisure facility where visitors can enjoy various attractions in the approximately 220,000 m2 park.

Visitors are allowed to enter the park with their dogs as long as they wear a leash no longer than 1 meter long.

It is sure to be fun for both families and couples!

Attractions of Zesaku

Attractions of Zesaku
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Zenshaku, known as a hideaway for adults, is a place where you can enjoy a healing time surrounded by hot spring water while admiring the changing seasons, quiet moments, and pleasant breezes.

All of the guest rooms are annexed with an open-air bath, making your special time with that special someone that much more enjoyable.

Enjoy a relaxing soak in the hot spring baths, and let the scenery leave an indelible imprint on your heart.

The contrast between the azure of the beautiful Izu Sea and the deep greenery surrounding the inn and the distant chirps of birds. Nature abounds in abundance at this quiet inn.

After relaxing in the natural hot spring, there is also a comfortable all-hand massage. The synergy with the hot springs is exceptional!

We use cosmetics that are gentle to even the most sensitive skin, and we offer counseling to suit each individual at the beginning.

The luxurious all-hand esthetic treatment refines your beauty.
The lymphatic massage, which stimulates the flow of lymph while stimulating pressure points, is effective for stiff shoulders, coldness, and swelling.

We also offer a full face and body treatment course, which is recommended for those who want to relax from head to toe!

Rooms at Zesaku

Rooms at Zesaku
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All guest rooms with an open-air bath in the Hanare building allow you to relax and soak in special moments with your loved ones.

Six guest rooms allow you to enjoy the indoor and outdoor baths whenever you like.

The “Arashiyama Special Guest Room” is a separate special room with serenity and peace of mind, with a spacious layout of 12 tatami mats in the main room and 7 tatami mats of wooden flooring in the next room.
The private open-air bath with natural hot spring water and Shigaraki-ware indoor bath provide a relaxing and private space.

The “Kitayama Normal Guestroom” has 10 tatami mats in the main building and 4 tatami wooden flooring in the next room, where you can enjoy a private outdoor bath with natural hot spring water and an indoor bath made of cypress and granite.

The “Maruyama Normal Guestrooms” are 10 tatami mats in the main building and 4 tatami mats in the next room with wooden flooring, and offer a private outdoor bath with a view of Sagami Bay and an indoor bath made of Shigaraki-ware.

The “Higashiyama Normal Guestrooms” have high ceilings and are built in a calm sukiya-style, with a main room of 8 tatami mats, a second room of 6 tatami mats, and a private natural hot spring bath with hinoki cypress and granite bathtub.

The Momoyama Normal Guestroom boasts a spacious room of 8 tatami in the main room and 6 tatami in the second room, with a private outdoor bath with natural hot spring water and an indoor bath of granite.

The “Nishiyama Normal Guestroom” is a 14-tatami room with an exclusive open-air natural hot spring bath with a sleeping space and a Shigaraki-ware indoor bath. Lying down in the sleeping space is a wonderful situation where you can see the star-filled sky!

The rooms are separated from each other, so you can spend a quiet and luxurious time.

The high ceilings of the rooms give a sense of openness, allowing you to relax and unwind.

Cuisine at Zesaku

Cuisine at Zesaku
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The cuisine is prepared using fresh seafood landed that day in the waters around Ito and fresh local produce, with an emphasis on “run-of-the-mill, seasonal, and remnant” ingredients.

We treat you to seasonal Japanese cuisine with a focus on seafood, which can only be enjoyed in Ito.

Japanese-style kaiseki, which maximizes the flavor of the ingredients, is prepared with the utmost care by Izu’s mellow nature and artisans, and will make your trip many times more satisfying.

The seasonal delicacies from the sea and the mountains are fresh and delicious, and each dish has a deep flavor that reaches your heart and soul.

At our seasonal dinners, our chefs, who know the ingredients inside and out, bring out the best of the carefully selected ingredients and express our hospitality in each dish.

Please take your time to enjoy the deepening flavors and the spirit of the seasons nurtured in Izu.

Dinner served in your room according to your travel schedule is the kind of heartfelt hospitality that only a small inn can provide. Enjoy the leisurely flow of time that only kaiseki cuisine can provide.

Other dishes such as sashimi lobster, grilled lobster, sashimi abalone, braised sea bream, Japanese black beef steak, and grilled abalone can also be ordered separately if you make a reservation at least one day in advance.

Breakfast is a hearty meal of rice with a focus on seafood, as is typical at Zenzoku. The choice of grilled fish from “dried horse mackerel, dried mackerel culture, and dried sea bream” is also a unique feature. The gentle porridge, popular among female customers, is also one of our most popular menu items!

Dishes that savor the fragrance of the sea and time are the best part of the trip.

Basic information about Zenshaku

Facility Name Zenshaku
Address 4-24 Minami-Omurodai, Izu-Kogen, Ito-shi, Shizuoka, Japan
Phone Number +81557-55-3131
Budget Approx. 65,100 yen for 2 persons (tax included)
Official website https://www.yosizumi.com/


In this article, we have introduced you to Zenshaku, a traditional Japanese inn.

We hope you will visit Zensaku for its stable service and cozy atmosphere.