Mixed bathing with a spectacular view in “Hamachidori-no-yu Kaishu” and two types of free-flowing hot-spring water

At Hamachidori-no-yu Kaifune, where you can enjoy a blissful moment with a view of the ocean, you can enjoy a boatload of dishes with a variety of tastes including seafood and mountain delicacies.

The once-in-a-lifetime scenery unique to a cape inn will surely leave an indelible impression on your mind.

In this issue, we will introduce in detail the charm, location, room features, and cuisine of Hamachidorinoyu Kaifune in Wakayama Prefecture.

Hamachidori-no-yu Kaishu Location

Hamachidori-no-yu Kaishu Location
Source : https://www.hotespa.net/hotels/kaisyu/

Located 20 minutes from the Nanki Tanabe IC on the Hanwa Expressway, Hamachidori-no-yu Kaifune offers guests the chance to enjoy the free-flowing Shirahama Onsen, one of the three oldest hot springs in Japan, with a history of over 1,300 years.

The beautiful scenery of Nanki-Shirahama’s magnificent nature will soothe your soul just by looking at it.

The surrounding sightseeing areas where Hamachidori-no-yu Kaifune is based include San-dan-kabe, Hira-no-sogen, and Adventure World, which are ideal for making your trip memorable.

San-dan-babe, located about 4 minutes away by car, is a 2-km-long, 60-meter-high columnar jointed rock wall that stands upright in the southern ocean and is known as a famous cliff face.

A little further on from the Sandanbeki, Hiraiso-baruen is a park on a hill overlooking the town of Shirahama. The park is full of greenery and has cherry blossom trees and plum circles, making it a popular place to enjoy the seasonal flowers.

Adventure World is a 14-minute drive away. It is an animal petting theme park that can be enjoyed by all generations, and visitors can interact with the panda family, land animals, and sea animals, as well as enjoy amusement park rides.

Other tourist attractions include the Shirahama Aquarium, which exhibits 500 different species of animals, the Nanki-Shirahama Glass Board, where you can view the undersea world from a cruise ship, and the Minakata Kumagusu Memorial Museum, where Kumagusu’s collection of books, documents, and other materials are on display!

Hamachidori-no-yu Kaishu Attractions

Hamachidori-no-yu Kaishu Attractions
Source : https://www.hotespa.net/hotels/kaisyu/

At Hamachidori-no-yu Kaishu, where the cape itself is the inn, there are paths and gardens where you can view the various formations of the sea.

Walking to the far end of the inn on the cape, you will find a pavilion perfect for watching the sunset, and whether it is sunny or rainy, you will be captivated by each intricate collage of nature.

Three bathhouses with different atmospheres offer blissful bathing with a view of the ocean.

Please enjoy the Shirahama Onsen, one of the three oldest hot springs in Japan with a history of more than 1,300 years.

In the mixed bathing open-air bath “Hamachidori-no-yu”, the sea seen from the tip of the cape reflects the shimmering azure of the morning and the blazing red of the evening, a vivid transition of colors.

The “Oyuya,” a large indoor bath made of hinoki cypress, boasts a spectacular view and features two types of hot springs: the Aiki Onsen, which is said to revive the soul, and the Bunju Onsen, which is said to impart wisdom.

There are three “private open-air baths”: “Umeka-no-yu” with a bathtub made of tasteful cypress barrels, “Ishiko-no-yu” with a lustrous stone bathtub, and “Iwato-no-yu” with a rock bathtub. They are built a little apart from each other on the way down to the sea.

Why not spend a private moment in a private open-air bath, each with a different flavor?

Reservations are not required, and you can freely use the private baths at any time as long as you check the information signboard at the bathhouse to confirm that there are baths available.

For a rest during your visit to the baths, there is the Kaiji Teahouse, and cold drinks and popsicles are available at the bathhouse, making it the perfect place to take a breather.

Hamachidori-no-yu Kaishu Room

Hamachidori-no-yu Kaishu Room
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Each of the three types of guest rooms, “Hamaya-Retached,” “Dawn Sho,” and “Nami no Sho,” is a captivating encounter with a once-in-a-lifetime landscape unique to an inn on the cape.

Hamaya Roku,” which has the atmosphere of a villa closest to the sea in Kaishu, offers eight Japanese-style and Western-style room types: a two-story maisonette type and a spacious Japanese-style and Western-style room (one-story) of approximately 60 square meters.

Rooms are also furnished with alcohol such as plum wine and shochu, and you can freely drink coffee from the coffee machine! Another popular feature is the wide variety of skin care items.

Please enjoy a luxurious time while basking in the pleasant sea breeze.

At “Dawn’s Sho,” there are 21 Japanese-style and Western-style guest rooms, 3 Asian-style guest rooms, and 15 Western-style double rooms.

In the Japanese and Western-style guest rooms, cool light shines underfoot, and the dawn light, which gradually increases as night falls, illuminates the horizon and the cove, heralding the morning.

A limited number of three Asian-style rooms on the top floor overlooking the ocean offer a different atmosphere with a different flavor.

The rooms are designed with universal design with no steps, so they are wheelchair-accessible.

The double rooms have wide open windows and spacious 200 cm double size beds for you to take your time!

The view of the cape, which is diverse, is sure to make for a very relaxing time.

The “Nami no Sho” offers 60 Japanese-style and Western-style guest rooms, perfect for watching the colors and sounds of the waves.

Hamachidori-no-yu Kaishu Cuisine

Hamachidori-no-yu Kaishu Cuisine
Source : https://www.hotespa.net/hotels/kaisyu/

At Hamachidori-no-yu Kaishu, a hot spring full of delicacies from Kishu, you can enjoy seafood from the sea and the mountains in a kaiseki course.

The Kii Peninsula, rich in nature, is overflowing with delicacies from the sea. Kue (a kind of fish that is said to be a phantom of the sea), Ise lobster, Hamo (a kind of spiny dogfish), and tuna are just a few of the fresh ingredients that you will find here!

For dinner, you can choose between the Kishu Funamori Kaiseki “Ushiosai” and the seasonal Umihotaru.

At Ushiosai, we use seasonal ingredients from the sea and the mountains for local production for local consumption, and we also use colorful arrangements and tableware that are pleasing to the eye.

At Umihotaru, guests can enjoy “Kumano beef,” a brand of beef nurtured in the rich nature and climate of the Kumano region.

And at the Shiraho lounge, ramen noodles with homemade soup are served from 22:00 to 23:00. The soup ends when it runs out, so if you need a nightcap, come early!

For breakfast, you can choose your favorite Japanese set meal or Western plate in a perfect location.

Please enjoy it while looking out the window at the refreshing blue ocean scenery.

Hamachidori-no-yu Kaishu Basic Information

Facility Name Hamachidori-no-yu Kaishu
Address 1698-1, Shirahama-cho, Nishimuro-gun, Wakayama, Japan
Phone Number +81739-82-2220
Budget Approx. 66,000 yen for 2 persons (tax included)
Official website https://www.hotespa.net/hotels/kaisyu/


In this issue, we have introduced Hamachidori-no-yu Kaishu.

You will be able to fully enjoy the ocean in every scene during your stay.

Please visit Hamachidori-no-yu Kaifune, which is built on the tip of a cape facing the Pacific Ocean, and the inn itself is like a boat going on the ocean.