Enjoy Atami’s famous hot spring and Izu’s seasonal cuisine at Ryotei Ryokan Atami Koarashi-tei

The ryotei ryokan Atami Koarashitei, which has been in business since 1894, is a relaxing and hospitable inn in a tranquil setting.

Enjoy hot springs overlooking Sagami Bay beyond the city of Atami and seasonal Japanese cuisine!

In this article, we will introduce in detail the charm, location, room features, and cuisine of this ryotei ryokan in Atami, Shizuoka Prefecture.

Ryotei Ryokan Atami Koarashitei Location

Ryotei Ryokan Atami Koarashitei Location
Source : https://www.koarashitei.com/

Located 10 minutes by car from Atami Station on the JR Tokai Shinkansen Line, Ryotei Ryokan Atami Koarantei is an inn that has been serving kaiseki cuisine and hospitality since 1894.

A 10-minute drive from the inn is ACAO FOREST (Akao Herb & Rose Garden), a magnificent flower paradise that takes advantage of the natural hilly terrain with a view of the ocean.

The garden consists of 13 different themed gardens, and is planted with roses from all over the world, including light-colored old roses, English roses, and vines that harmonize with their surroundings.

In January, rape blossoms and cherry blossoms herald the early arrival of spring; in April, 100,000 colorful tulips bloom; and from May to June, 4,000 roses of about 600 varieties adorn the garden in their best season.

Lots of photo ops amidst so much nature!

Next is “Hime-no-Sawa Park,” which is home to plants of all four seasons: cherry blossoms, azaleas, and rhododendrons in spring; water lilies, hydrangeas, and day lilies in summer; maples and zelkova trees in fall; and sasanquas, fuchsias, and narcissuses in winter.

The walking trail leads to the top, where you can enjoy a panoramic view of the Atami Sea, and there is also an athletic field that is very popular with families.

Charm of Ryotei Ryokan Atami Koarashitei

Charm of Ryotei Ryokan Atami Koarashitei
Source : https://www.koarashitei.com/

Ryotei-Ryokan Atami Koarashi-Tei is an inn of hospitality where guests can relax in a tranquil setting that has been maintained since the Meiji era, with an emphasis on the Japanese taste of the Sukiya style of architecture that makes the most of wood, a detached wooden structure, and a Japanese garden.

The Japanese garden that stretches across the grounds offers a rich sense of harmony with nature and Japanese style.

The lounge has large windows, through which you can enjoy an elegant view of the rich seasonal changes and the tasteful garden through the greenery of the trees.

In addition, the store offers a wide selection of local Shizuoka and Atami specialties as well as crafts made by Koarashi-tei that will make your trip a memorable one.

The large public baths include “Atami no Yu,” located on a hill in Atami overlooking Sagami Bay, and “Koarashi no Yu,” a clean bath with a black granite bathtub and a hiba (hinoki cypress leaf) entrance.

Atami hot springs, which boast one of the largest hot spring outputs in Japan, are composed of approximately 90% chloride and sulfate springs, and the salt content covers the skin and is said to be highly effective in retaining moisture.

This is why it is expected to be effective in improving neuralgia, cold chronic women’s diseases, and chronic skin diseases!

Ryotei Ryokan Atami Koarashitei Rooms

Ryotei Ryokan Atami Koarashitei Rooms
Source : https://www.koarashitei.com/

At the Ryotei Ryokan Atami Koarashitei, you can use an indoor bath with hot spring water in the guest rooms, detached rooms, and special guest rooms.

It is nice to have an indoor bath made of Aomori cypress leaves in your guest room, so you can enjoy the hot spring without worrying about anyone else.

Other Japanese-style rooms in the main building are standard rooms that offer pure Japanese-style comfort and relaxation.
And the Japanese-style rooms on the ocean side of the main building offer a view of the ocean beyond the cityscape on a clear day.

The rooms are built in the pure Sukiya style, which does not look like modern architecture, and all the furnishings, including the zataku (Japanese low table), are lacquered in real lacquer.

The Japanese-style rooms are richly fragrant, and each room has its own unique character and is made of carefully selected wood.

In the quietness of the rooms, you will be able to enjoy a peaceful time away from the hustle and bustle of the city while listening to the sound of the waterfall flowing in the garden.

Ryotei Ryokan Atami Koarashitei Cuisine

Ryotei Ryokan Atami Koarashitei Cuisine
Source : https://www.koarashitei.com/

At Ryotei Ryokan Atami Koarashi-tei, we carefully select ingredients from all over Japan in our pure pursuit of deliciousness.

Japanese cuisine is a refined Kyoto-style kaiseki cuisine that allows you to experience the changing seasons.

The restaurant offers a variety of seasonal ingredients according to the 24 seasonal divisions, such as white asparagus with soy sauce and yellow flesh, pike conger mushroom hot pot, and suppon hot pot, as well as other wonderful dishes that combine the five traditional methods of Japanese cuisine with the chef’s differences.

In addition, you can enjoy kappo cuisine such as charcoal-grilled dishes and tempura, served freshly prepared right in front of you at the counter.

The charcoal grill course offers a choice of seafood and meat softly grilled by the far-infrared rays of the charcoal fire, leaving the meat grilled and fragrant and the flavor locked in!

You can also choose from four types of seafood and four types of vegetables in the Tempura Course.

For breakfast, you can choose from either a breakfast set meal with beautiful seasonal dishes or an American breakfast that starts with morning juice.

We also have plans that include lunch, so you can relax at the inn on the middle day of your consecutive nights before heading out!

Ryotei Ryokan Atami Koarashitei Basic Information

Facility Name Ryotei Ryokan Atami Koarashitei
Address 1-16 Koarashi-cho, Atami, Shizuoka, Japan
Phone Number +81557-81-6655<
Budget Approx. 63,000 yen for 2 persons (tax included)
Official website https://www.koarashitei.com/


In this article, we have introduced the ryotei ryokan Atami Koarashitei, located in Atami City, Shizuoka Prefecture.

The inn, which has been providing hospitality since the Meiji era, enhances each trip with a variety of limited-time-only plans, anniversary celebration plans, and more.

Please visit Ryotei Ryokan Atami Koarashi-Tei for the famous hot water of Atami and the seasonal cuisine of Izu.