Enjoying the Golden and Silver Springs at SPA TERRACE Shisui, a Japanese modern inn

At SPA TERRACE Shisui, with its concept of Japanese modernity that weaves together the best of Japan and the present, you will feel your senses being filled with Arima’s famous hot spring and the greenery of the Rokko mountain range.

Why don’t you enjoy the golden and silver springs from our own spring source and enjoy our colorful Japanese-French cuisine!
In this issue, we will introduce in detail the charm, location, room features, and cuisine of this SPA TERRACE Shisui in Hyogo Prefecture.

SPA TERRACE Shisui Location

SPA TERRACE Shisui Location
Source : https://arima-shisui.com/

SPA TERRACE Shisui is located about a 10-minute walk from Arima Onsen Station, and is a modern-style inn where you can enjoy the golden and silver springs.

Kobe Sanda Premium Outlets” is a 25-minute drive away.

The site, which was designed to resemble an upscale residential area in the suburbs of Los Angeles, is lined with approximately 210 stores offering a wide range of famous brands from Japan and abroad, from luxury brands to popular select stores, interior designers, and restaurants.

About 30 minutes away by car is the Rokkosan Ranch.

The Rokkosan Ranch was built in the image of a Swiss mountain farm, and 23 hectares of its 126-hectare area are open to the public under the theme of a place where people can interact with animals and nature.

Many animals live freely and you can touch them as they roam freely.

There is also a Rokkosan QBB Cheese Museum and a hands-on learning class where you can make cheese with your own hands using milk, making it a great place to take the whole family!

In addition to regular events such as animal petting and handcraft workshops, there are also special events held on an irregular basis, so be sure to join in!

Attractions of SPA TERRACE Shisui

Attractions of SPA TERRACE Shisui
Source : https://arima-shisui.com/

SPA TERRACE Shisui is a lounge inspired by Arima’s traditional crafts, bamboo baskets and Arima brushes, where you can enjoy sweets and tea at check-in.

The relaxation room, named after the “Shichidan-hana” (seven-step hydrangea), a fantastic flower that blooms quietly in the Rokko forest, is equipped with magazines and sofas for guests to relax on their own.

In addition to the gold and silver springs that spring from a private spring source, one of the few in Arima, there is also a silver spring aroma mist sauna, which is expected to have a de-doxifying effect.

In the women’s large bath “Totoya no Yu”, the trees of the Arima mountain range spread out before you, and in the gold spring open-air bath, the scent of the trees soothes you while you gaze at the starry sky.

In the men’s large bath “Sumiya-no-yu”, you can feel the pleasant breeze while looking at the blue sky and greenery in the kinsen open-air bath!

And the silver spring indoor bath will warm your body to the core.

In addition, at the relaxation “Fiore,” where the synergistic effects with the hot spring will help you detoxify and recharge your body, you can enjoy the spa’s original healing treatments that are a fusion of domestically produced organic products.

Come on this trip for a healing time away from the hustle and bustle of daily life!


Source : https://arima-shisui.com/

SPA TERRACE Shisui offers a variety of rooms, including rooms with open-air baths with a mixture of gold and silver springs and compact but relaxing Japanese-style rooms.

Some rooms are modern Japanese-style rooms with Hollywood-style beds, while others are equipped with hanging chairs on terraces overlooking the trees, allowing guests to relax while taking in the seasonal scenery that looms nearby.

In addition, there is a spacious 10-mat Japanese-style room with a view of the breath of the trees in front of you.

A Japanese modern 10-tatami mat Japanese-style room with a sense of Japanese tradition and modernity.

A cozy 8-tatami mat Japanese-style room without an open-air veranda that evokes a sense of nostalgia.

Rooms with classic patterns on the cushions and table runners, etc.

You can spend a quiet time in a nostalgic space.

Enjoy the seasonal nature, the chirping of wild birds and the sound of insects up close, and the open view of trees spreading out in the window.

SPA TERRACE Shisui Cuisine

SPA TERRACE Shisui Cuisine
Source : https://arima-shisui.com/

Dinner at SPA TERRACE Shisui is a fusion of the delicious flavors of Japanese cuisine and the glamour of Western cuisine, with an emphasis on local vegetables and fresh ingredients.

Seafood from the Akashi Straits, specially selected black Japanese beef, and other seasonal dishes carefully selected and prepared by our chef are a fusion of Japanese and Western cuisine.

The elaborate cuisine is visually vibrant and the beauty of the dishes will enliven your conversation.

For anniversaries and other special occasions, an additional dish can be ordered separately, creating a special atmosphere.

For breakfast, you can choose from three types of morning plates: Japanese, eggs benedict, and salad crepe, and you can order according to your style.

We are happy to accommodate any food allergies or dislikes if you contact us at least 3 days prior to your stay.

SPA TERRACE Shisui Basic Information

Facility Name SPA TERRACE Shisui
Address 1656-1 Arima-cho, Kita-ku, Kobe-shi, Hyogo, Japan
Phone Number +8178-904-0622
Budget Approx. 35,000 yen for 2 persons (tax included)
Official website https://arima-shisui.com/


This time we have introduced SPA TERRACE Shisui in Hyogo Prefecture.

Enjoy a fusion of Japanese and Western cuisine in the midst of Arima’s famous hot spring and the greenery of the Rokko mountain range.

Please visit SPA TERRACE Shisui to fully enjoy the golden and silver springs that spring from our own spring source.