Amakusa Tenku no fune an exquisite hotel featuring an open-air bath with a spectacular view of Matsushima, the many islands of the Sea of Japan.

The exquisite hotel “Amakusa Tenku no fune” features an open-air bath on the spacious terrace of all guest rooms with a spectacular view of the multi-island sea and Matsushima.

The shared wooden deck has a swimming pool overlooking the sea, allowing you to enjoy the finest resort where the view will soothe you.

In this issue, we will introduce in detail the charm, location, room features, and cuisine of this exquisite hotel in Kumamoto Prefecture, “Amakusa Tenkusu no fune”.

Ship in the Sky Location

Ship in the Sky Location
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The ship in the sky is located in Amakusa, Kumamoto Prefecture.

There are many recommended sightseeing spots scattered throughout the area that you should visit when you come to Amakusa.

One of the highlights is the massive Gothic-style building designed by Yosuke Tetsukawa, a master church builder, which was registered as a World Heritage Site in 2018. It is also popular as a driving course, nicknamed the Amakusa Pearl Line. The “Amakusa Five Bridges (Amakusa Pearl Line),” each of which has a unique appearance and structure because each bridge was designed by a different architect; the Amakusa Municipal Museum of Christianity, which introduces the history of Christianity centering on the Shimabara Rebellion with approximately 150 exhibits such as tread pictures and the Marian Kannon; the “Amakusa Municipal Museum of Christianity”; and the “Amakusa City Museum of Christianity” where approximately 300 southern bottlenose dolphins live. The “Dolphin Watching” cruising tour in the waters around Amakusa, where approximately 300 southern bottlenose dolphins are said to live, and “Senganzan,” a 162-meter-high mountain peak from which you can view the Amakusa Five Bridges, the Yatsushiro Sea to the east, and the Ariake Sea to the west.

It is a good idea to take your time to visit these sights while staying at Tenkusu no Boat.

Tenkusu no fune is a hotel located in an excellent location, ideal for sightseeing in the surrounding area.

Attraction of the ship in the sky

Attraction of the ship in the sky
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The main building is designed to look like a luxury cruise ship floating in the sky, with a swimming pool and restaurant with a great view. After a swim, you can enjoy authentic Italian cuisine prepared with local ingredients by a chef who has worked at various resort hotels.

A relaxing time with your loved ones will create unforgettable memories.

The Ibu Laut salon, located by the poolside with an ocean view, offers Swedish massage, a fusion of Balinese esthetics and Swedish massage.

You can relax your body and mind in a special room arranged in a tropical atmosphere.

This esthetic salon is especially recommended for women.

Ship in the Sky Room

Ship in the Sky Room
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Amakusa Tenkusabune offers 15 rooms in just three villas built on a 5,000 tsubo peninsula in the Amakusa Sea.

The “Panorama View Villa” is the highest class room at Amakusa Amakusa Amakusa Boat, built at the very tip of the cape and surrounded by nature with an unobstructed view. This is one of the best rooms to use on special occasions with special people.

Other rooms include the Bridge View Twin with an open-air bath overlooking the spacious terrace and spectacular view of the multi-island sea and Matsushima, and the Island View Villa with only three villas built on a peninsula facing the Amakusa sea.

Cuisine of the Sky Ship

Cuisine of the Sky Ship
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The cuisine of Amakusa Ship in the Sky offers Amakusa Italian cuisine using local ingredients on a luxury cruise ship floating in the sky.

The restaurant overlooking the Amakusa sea and islands has a total of 48 seats, including private rooms. Enjoy the perfect location while savoring Italian cuisine made with Amakusa ingredients and organic vegetables from Kumamoto.

Wouldn’t you like to stay at this luxurious hotel in Amakusa, Kumamoto?

Basic information on the ship in the sky

Facility Name Ship in the Sky
Address 5984-2, Aizu, Matsushima-cho, Kamitenso City, Kumamoto, Japan
Phone Number +81969-25-2000
Budget Approx. 50,000 yen for 2 persons (tax included)
Official website


In this issue, we introduced the charms of “Amakusa Tenkusu no fune”, an exquisite hotel in Kumamoto Prefecture.

Amakusa Tenku no Funafune is a superb hotel where you can enjoy a swim in the main building, which is designed like a luxury cruise ship floating in the sky, as well as a swimming pool with a great view and a restaurant with a view.

This hotel is especially recommended for couples, so if you have a chance to visit the area, please stay at this hotel.