Enjoy hot springs and cuisine at “Sansui” a warm inn that emphasizes privacy

Fish Saiwami no Yado Sansui is a hot spring inn that emphasizes privacy with a private dining room and guest rooms with a half-open-air bath.

Guests can enjoy locally caught seafood dishes and natural hot spring water from the forests of Uchiura in the Kominato district.

In this article, we will introduce in detail the charms, location, room features, and cuisine of this fish-colored Japanese inn Sansui in Chiba Prefecture.

Location of Sansui, the inn of fish and colorful harmony

Location of Sansui, the inn of fish and colorful harmony
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Located 7 minutes by cab from Awa Kominato Station on the JR Bousa Line, the Fish and Colorful Wami-no-Inn Sansui is a rustic and warm inn in a peaceful fishing village.

A 10-minute drive from the inn is Kamogawa Sea World, where you can enjoy performances by dynamic killer whales and speedy dolphins, as well as a fun place to learn.

You will be filled with wonder and excitement when you see the rich features and lively activities of sea creatures that you do not encounter in everyday life.

And the performances convey the intelligence and athleticism of the animals.
It is also a great place for all generations, from children to adults, to enjoy the exhibition environment that realistically recreates the world of the sea.

The powerful orca and dolphin shows are not to be missed!

You will be thrilled to see the huge splash of the killer whales as they hit the water.

You will also be soothed by a variety of other fish, including jellyfish and tropical fish.

There is also a place where visitors can learn about the importance of life and the environment through ecological exhibits and performances that recreate the natural environment, as well as a place where visitors can enjoy learning through educational programs.

It would be wonderful if you could experience each one and share your passion for the sea.

The charm of Sansui, an inn of fish and colorful harmony

The charm of Sansui, an inn of fish and colorful harmony
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The hot spring water at Sansui’s Fish Sai Wakami no Yado is a natural hot spring that springs from the forests of Uchiura in the Kominato district.

The clear, colorless, smooth spring water is effective for beautiful skin, relieving fatigue, and treating sensitivity to cold.

The granite bathtubs in Nichiren-no-yu are spacious and provide the warmth of natural hot spring water.

The Nangaku-no-yu bathtub is made of stone and offers a serene atmosphere with a view of the Birthday Temple.

In addition, two private baths are available: the Iwakuto-oh, which is reminiscent of a hot spring in a cave, and the Floating Sleeping Bath, which emphasizes a Japanese atmosphere.

You can look out over the ocean from the baths and feel the refreshing breeze as you relax in your own private time.

In addition, the infinity pool of heated water blended with Kamogawa hot spring water is so comfortable that you will want to soak in the low temperature for a long time. There is also a water bath attached to the bathhouse, so you can enjoy both baths.

Sansui Tea House on the second floor of the main building offers freshly ground coffee from Ogawa Coffee, seasonal teas, and ice cream for after bathing, and is also recommended as a co-working space.

Fish Sai Wakami no Yado Sansui Rooms

Fish Sai Wakami no Yado Sansui Rooms
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The rooms at Gyosai Wakami no Yado Sansui include 14 annex rooms with a half-open-air bath and terrace, and 12 rooms in the main building with a view bath and shower booth as well as a sauna.

All rooms in the wood-filled villa have a hot spring bath for privacy. On the terrace, you can watch the sunset and starry sky surrounded by the sea noise.

The warmth of the space, where retro atmosphere and modern sense harmonize, will soothe your heart.

The main building features guest rooms that are well designed to meet the needs of modern lifestyles.

The Japanese/Western style rooms overlooking the ocean from the top floor are furnished with a bed and sofa, as well as a desk for work vacations.

Rooms on the ocean side with peaceful views and rooms on the Birthday Temple side, which is also a historical landmark, are also popular.

The compact but cozy space is perfect for families or groups traveling together.

Fish and Sansui’s Cuisine

Fish and Sansui's Cuisine
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The cuisine at Sansui’s fish-centered, colorful, and harmonious inns is kaiseki cuisine prepared by chefs who know the sea inside and out.

The table is filled with carefully prepared dishes that bring out the true flavors of the fresh ingredients.

The dishes featuring locally caught seafood such as lobster, abalone, and sea bream are very popular!

The restaurant also offers a wide variety of vegetables and rice from contracted farmers, which are the bounty of the earth.

Other courses featuring local beef, pork, and other meats are also exquisite.

You can also order special dishes such as simmered sea bream or grilled abalone, and there is also an anniversary option available.

You can even have them help you celebrate your birthday or wedding anniversary as a surprise!

Breakfast is a variety of healthful dishes such as freshly cooked local Koshihikari rice topped with a rich yolk of egg, oboro-dofu (soft tofu), and tasty lobster soup.

Breakfast and dinner can be enjoyed in a private dining room, so you can relax without worrying about anyone else.

Basic information about Sansui, a Japanese inn of fish and colorful harmony

Facility Name Sansui, an inn of fish and colorful harmony
Address 182-2 Kominato, Kamogawa-shi, Chiba, Japan
Phone Number +814-7095-3333
Budget Approx. 39,200 yen for 2 persons (tax included)
Official website https://www.sansuihotel.com/


This time we have introduced you to Sansui, a fish-colored, harmonious inn located in Chiba Prefecture.

Enjoy kaiseki cuisine prepared by chefs who know the sea and natural hot spring water from the forests of Uchiura in the Kominato district.

Please visit Sansui, a hot spring inn that emphasizes privacy.