Enjoy seasonal delicacies at “Dogokan” an inn that conveys the warmth of the good old days to the present day

Dogokan is one of the best Japanese-style inns in Shikoku, located on a hill in Dogo Hot Spring Resort.

Enjoy the hospitality and seasonal delicacies at an inn that conveys the warmth of the good old days to the present day!

In this issue, we will introduce in detail the charm, location, room features, and cuisine of Dogokan in Ehime Prefecture.

Location of Dogokan

Location of Dogokan
Source : http://www.dogokan.co.jp/

Located 25 minutes from the Matsuyama IC of the Matsuyama Expressway in the direction of Dogo, Dogokan is a Japanese-style ryokan that blends the atmosphere of the Edo period with the modern world.

The surrounding area is full of tourist attractions such as the Saka-no-Kamiun Museum and the Bo-chan Karakuri Clock.

The Saka-no-Kamiun Museum was opened as the core facility of the Field Museum Concept, in which the entire town of Matsuyama is a museum without a roof.

The museum exhibits mainly materials related to the brothers Akiyama Yoshiko and Masayuki, the main characters in Ryotaro Shiba’s “Clouds over the Hill,” and Masaoka Shiki, depicting the lives of people involved in the growth of Japan as a modern nation in the Meiji era.

On the slope leading from the third to the fourth floor of the museum, there is a display of papers with illustrations of all 1296 sentences that were serialized in newspapers.

There are many attractions such as the Battle of the Sea of Japan between Japan’s Allied Fleet and Russia’s Balchev Fleet, and a special exhibition that also displays materials related to the battleship Mikasa.

The “Bo-chan Karakuri Clock” is a karakuri monument based on the motif of the Dogo Onsen Honkan, and when the clock strikes the hour, a character familiar from Soseki Natsume’s novel “Bo-chan” starts moving to tell the time.

It is one of the must-see facilities when you visit Dogo Onsen. At night, the lights give the monument a different atmosphere.

Charm of Dogokan

Charm of Dogokan
Source : http://www.dogokan.co.jp/

The lobby of Dogokan is designed in the image of an Edo period storehouse.

You will be welcomed by a gently flowing waterfall and the murmuring of the river from the second floor of the central atrium.

In the lounge with a calm atmosphere overlooking the garden with 300-year-old pine trees, you can enjoy Dogokan’s original coffee.

And in the souvenir shop, you will find many popular confections from Ehime and souvenirs from Shikoku!

Seasonal collaborations with products made by Ehime’s traditional craftsmen are also recommended.

You will also be happy to know that there are hand and footbaths in various locations.

The footbaths are filled with cobblestone and have the effect of massaging the soles of your feet while warming you up.

The famous Niitaizu hot spring, which has been gushing for 3,000 years, will soothe the fatigue of travelers.

In the spacious and comfortable atmosphere, you can enjoy an open-air bath, a sleeping bath, a sauna, and an impromptu bath.

Enjoy the view from the outside, surrounded by greenery during the day and soft light at night.

After taking a bath, you can relax on the massage chairs or enjoy a relaxing and blissful time drinking Dogo local beer, mineral water, and other beverages at the bathhouse teahouse.

Dogokan Room

Dogokan Room
Source : http://www.dogokan.co.jp/

Dogokan welcomes you with various types of guest rooms to suit your purpose.

The standard Japanese-style rooms offer the warmth of nostalgic Japanese style and a sense of good old Japanese history.

And the Japanese/Western style rooms on the top floor are the best of luxury.

It has a Western-style bedroom and a spacious enough lounge, and the terrace offers a panoramic view of Dogo and Matsuyama city.

Please also enjoy the soothing hues and balance of the furnishings.

In the indoor hinoki bath, you can enjoy the utmost luxury.

In addition, the Shofu-Ro on the top floor, where you can overlook the town from the room, is a special room with bamboo charcoal covering the entire floor to relax you with negative ions.

The room has a calm yet sophisticated modern atmosphere, and the shoji screens and furnishings are reminiscent of the Edo period.

The popular open-air bath is included, and the round paving stones in the garden give a sense of serenity and nostalgia, allowing you to relax and enjoy a peaceful and relaxing time.

At the mouth of the stone open-air bath is dug a Dojo Onsen jewel, and in autumn you can relax and enjoy Dojo’s hot spring water while admiring the colorful maple trees.

Dogokan Cuisine

Dogokan Cuisine
Source : http://www.dogokan.co.jp/

Dogokan’s cuisine is creative Japanese kaiseki cuisine made with seasonal ingredients and the skill of a master chef.

It is rich in seasonal delicacies that cannot be found anywhere else, with an emphasis on local flavors.

You can fully enjoy the seafood from the Seto Inland Sea of Ehime Prefecture and the delicacies of the mountains nurtured by nature.

The attention to detail in the ingredients, cooking, serving style, and of course, the dishes and decorations will make your time away from everyday life more enjoyable with the best cuisine.

We also recommend the special order dishes that allow you to enjoy the bounty of the rich nature of the Seto Inland Sea from season to season.

In the ryotei on the second floor of the building, there is a semi-private room with partitions, a chair-style room, and a small tatami room with a sunken kotatsu.

You can also enjoy your meal in the comfort of your room.

Please take your time and enjoy a quality adult time with authentic kaiseki cuisine made from carefully selected high quality ingredients, focusing on fresh seafood and local products from the Seto Inland Sea.

Dogokan Basic Information

Facility Name Dogokan
Address 7-26, Dogo-Tako-cho, Matsuyama City, Ehime, Japan
Phone Number +8189-941-7777
Budget Approx. 47,570 yen for 2 persons (tax included)
Official website http://www.dogokan.co.jp/


This time we have introduced Dogokan in Ehime Prefecture.

Enjoy the seasonal delicacies produced in Ehime Prefecture and the variety of hot-spring baths.

Please visit Dogokan, a Japanese-style ryokan where the atmosphere of the Edo period and the modern age are in harmony.