San Urashima Yukinosato, a hot spring inn with a panoramic view of the sea of Minami-Toba and the high quality natural hot springs that only a hot spring resort can offer.

San Urashima Yukinosato is a hot spring inn where you can heal your body and soul with the high quality natural hot spring water that only a hot spring resort can provide, and overlook the sea of Minami Toba.

This hot spring inn is popular among people from Japan and abroad, where you can surrender to the flow of time and enjoy the changing of the seasons.

In this article, I will introduce in detail the charm, location, room features, and cuisine of this healing hot spring inn in Mie Prefecture, Sanurashima Yuukinosato.

Location of Sanurashima Yuukinosato

Location of Sanurashima Yuukinosato
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Sanurashima Yuukinosato is located in Toba City, Mie Prefecture.

Toba is home to the largest town of ama divers in Japan, the former site of Toba Castle, and the place where pearl king Kokichi Mikimoto succeeded in cultivating pearls for the first time in the world.

There are also many shrines, power spots, and traditional festivals that have been passed down from generation to generation, making Toba an attractive place to visit and experience a lot of history and culture.

There are many sightseeing spots that you should visit when you visit Toba, including the ruins of Toba Castle, a castle ruin located on a hill in the center of the city; Toba Aquarium, one of Japan’s most famous aquariums, which is celebrating its 60th anniversary; Mikimoto Pearl Island and Pearl Museum, which houses a memorial hall for Kokichi Mikimoto, who succeeded in cultivating the world’s first pearl; and the Mikimoto Pearl Museum, which was built about 1,500 years ago. In addition, there is the Igaha Shrine, a shrine located about 3 km east of Toba City Hall, which is said to have been built about 1,500 years ago, and the Shinmei Shrine (Stone God), one of the most popular power spots in Toba City.

Sun Urashima Yuuki is located in the best location to make your sightseeing in Toba City more comfortable.

The charm of Sanurashima Yuki no Sato

The charm of Sanurashima Yuki no Sato
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San Urashima Yukinosato is located in Toba, Ise-Shima, which is known for the Ise Shrine with a history of 2,000 years and a national park with beautiful scenery, and attracts many tourists every year.

The inn welcomes you with flowers, greenery, scents, and the Japanese culture of hospitality.

The two different hot springs are the “Shukou no Yu” of Toba Honoura Hot Spring, which gushed forth in 1989, and the “New” Shukou no Yu, which gushed forth in 2014.

The “Shukou no Yu” is clear and slightly cloudy with a PH value of 9.5, while the “New Shukou no Yu” is slightly white with a PH value of 9.8.

The “new” Shukou no Yu has a slightly weaker white PH value of 9.8, and the slightly higher PH value makes it feel more smooth.

How about enjoying the feeling of freshness and openness as you bask in the sun during the day, and the fantastic world of flickering lights on the surface of the hot spring water at night in a spacious space with fresh trees?

Rooms at Sun Urashima Yuki no Sato

Rooms at Sun Urashima Yuki no Sato
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Sanurashima Yuki no Sato has a total of 34 rooms with a view of the beautiful and calm Toba Ikuura Bay, where oyster rafts float effortlessly.

The guest rooms are decorated in a traditional Japanese style, with fresh flowers to soothe the senses and a calm atmosphere. All rooms face the ocean, so you can spend your time gazing at the magnificent scenery.

There are many room types to choose from, including the main building guest rooms that grandly opened in December 2019, and the “Water Star Guest Rooms” that harmonize Japanese and Western tastes.

All of the rooms are spacious and comfortable, so you can relax after a long day of travel.

Whether you are with your loved one, your family, or a group of friends, you will be satisfied with these rooms, and it is a good idea to spend a moment filled with relaxation as you slowly surrender to the flow of time.

Cuisine of Sanurashima Yuukinosato

Cuisine of Sanurashima Yuukinosato
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The cuisine at Sanurashima Yuukinosato is Japanese kaiseki cuisine, which is a combination of the tastes of Ise-Shima and ingredients from the four seasons.

Toba is rich in a variety of seafood and mountain produce throughout the four seasons, not to mention Mie Prefecture’s representative ingredients such as lobsters, abalones, sea breams, blowfish, hosai shrimps, Uramura oysters, and even Matsusaka beef, so no matter which season you visit, you will be able to taste the fresh and luxurious cuisine of the region.

The restaurant also takes care of allergic foods and foods that you cannot eat, so you can enjoy the food with peace of mind.

Wouldn’t you like to stay at a hot spring inn in Toba City that is filled with such luxury?

Basic information about Sanurashima Yuukinosato

Facility Name Sanurashima Yuki no Sato
Address Honoura Onsen, Toba City, Mie, Japan
Phone Number +81599-32-6111
Budget Approx. 45,000 yen for 2 persons (tax included)
Official website


In this article, I have introduced the charm of Sun Urashima Yuukinosato, a healing hot spring inn in Mie Prefecture.

Sanurashima Yuukinosato is located in a great location that makes sightseeing in Toba City a breeze, and the inn offers everything from hot springs to luxurious cuisine and superb rooms.

You will definitely be satisfied if you stay there, so if you have a chance to visit the area, please try it out.