A relaxing time at “Ura-Kusatsu Prodigal TOU” a new strolling spot in the heart of Ura-Kusatsu.

Just a 3-minute walk from Kusatsu Yubatake, Ura-Kusatsu Prodigal TOU was established in the center of Ura-Kusatsu as a new strolling spot, where you can spend a healing time based on the concept of “1/f Fluctuation”.

Why don’t you enjoy a moment of relaxation in a modern Japanese-style guest room or in the 100% spring water?

In this issue, we will introduce in detail the charm, location, room features, and cuisine of Ura-Kusatsu Prodigal TOU in Gunma Prefecture.

Ura-Kusatsu Prodigal TOU Location

Ura-Kusatsu Prodigal TOU Location
Source : https://urakusatsu-tou.com/

Located a 5-minute walk from the Kusatsu Onsen Bus Terminal, Ura-Kusatsu Prodigal TOU is in the center of Ura-Kusatsu, a new and newly developed area of Kusatsu.

Within walking distance, you can enjoy Kusatsu Onsen to the fullest, including Kusatsu Yubatake, the central sightseeing spot of Kusatsu Onsen, and Nishi-no-Kawara Park with its fantastic illumination.

Kusatsu Yubatake is such a famous landmark and symbol of Kusatsu Onsen that one cannot talk about Kusatsu without mentioning it!

The hot spring water gushes out at a rate of 4,000 liters per minute, always making a cloud of steam.

There is a tile-lined walkway around Yubatake, and plenty of souvenir stores and eateries in the surrounding area!

It is nice to stroll around while enjoying the breathtaking view.

The space is bustling with people all year round, and just being there will bring a smile to your face.

Furthermore, in Nishi-no-Kawahara Park, hot spring water gushes out all over the wide riverbed and flows out as a river, forming waterfalls and ponds.

The park is very large, and a stroll through it while feeling nature is recommended.

The footbaths at rest spots and the large open-air baths in the park are also very popular!

Please enjoy the walking course full of the hot spring atmosphere unique to Kusatsu Onsen, along with the Yubatake hot spring fields.

Ura-Kusatsu Prodigal TOU Attraction

Ura-Kusatsu Prodigal TOU Attraction
Source : https://urakusatsu-tou.com/

Ura-Kusatsu Prodigal TOU is mainly built in the traditional Japanese architectural style with a sprinkling of local artisans’ skills.

The lounge, with its impressive fireplace and sofas, is a free-use space where you can relax and take a break, or even meet for a meeting.

The terrace overlooks the regional plaza, and the private space available only to guests staying at the hotel provides a luxurious experience.

Furthermore, the Jizo baked goods sold at the first floor store contain only one “lucky Jizo” in every few pieces.

Please try it and experience the excitement and thrill at the same time.

In addition to the large baths and open-air guest rooms, four private baths are available, and the Jizo fountainhead that flows into the bathtubs has long been known as the “hot water of cure and healing” for illnesses.

The large baths feature a wall of large windows and a series of indoor baths, and the private baths offer a view of Kusatsu’s vast expanse of sky and mountains, and the starry sky that flutters in the evening.

Every space is filled with the unique charm of Ura-Kusatsu Prodigal TOU, and is sure to enhance the satisfaction of your trip!

Ura-Kusatsu Prodigal TOU Room

Ura-Kusatsu Prodigal TOU Room
Source : https://urakusatsu-tou.com/

The guest rooms at Ura-Kusatsu Prodigal TOU are emotional spaces that incorporate traditional Japanese architectural styles.

The stylish guest rooms combine a Japanese atmosphere with a sophisticated modern space, providing a relaxing moment to savor the flow of the hot water, the rustling of the trees, and the gentle swaying of the waves.

The deluxe Western-style room with a half-open-air bath is a special room with a space for relaxing and sleeping as well as an open-air bath.

You can enjoy your private time in the most luxurious way.

And the standard Western-style rooms are calm and relaxing, with large windows from which you can enjoy the regional plaza in the back of Kusatsu and the atmosphere of Kusatsu.

You will have a pleasant time in the stylish and fashionable guest rooms, with many reviews saying that everything is clean and comfortable.

The concept is solid, and the décor is remarkably unified!

The attention to detail is so thoughtful that you will want to take a closer look at each and every detail.

The amenities are also well stocked, and even the embroidery on the yukata shows the care that has gone into it.

Ura-Kusatsu Prodigal TOU Cuisine

Ura-Kusatsu Prodigal TOU Cuisine
Source : https://urakusatsu-tou.com/

Ura-Kusatsu Prodigal TOU is a creative take on traditional Japanese kaiseki cuisine.

The restaurant uses a variety of cooking methods, including French cuisine, to express the natural beauty of Kusatsu in each dish.

In addition, the charcoal fire robata dishes are also exquisite.

The appetizers, which look like afternoon tea, are impressive and beautifully arranged for visual enjoyment.

The plates that serve as the main course are the work of ceramic artist Ryutaro Yamana.

Carefully handcrafted and fired in a wood-fired kiln, the plates are impressive for the strength they exude and the way they look different from one another when exposed to the flame.

Delicious to eat and enjoyable to look at, they are sure to enliven your conversation during the meal.

For breakfast, you can enjoy a well-balanced set meal filled with the colors of the four seasons.

Enjoy a flavorful breakfast that incorporates a wide variety of local ingredients and nature’s bounty, carefully selected for each season.

Ura-Kusatsu Prodigal TOU Basic Information

Facility Name Ura-Kusatsu Prodigal TOU
Address 300, Kusatsu-cho, Agatsuma-gun, Gunma, Japan
Phone Number +81279-82-5805
Budget Approx. 32,200 yen for 2 persons (tax included)
Official website https://urakusatsu-tou.com/


This time we have introduced Ura-Kusatsu Prodigal TOU in Gunma Prefecture.

Let’s heal your mind and body with Kusatsu’s high quality hot spring water under the theme of a relaxing experience.

Please visit “Ura-Kusatsu Prodigal TOU” in the center of Ura-Kusatsu as a new new place of interest.