Enjoy 100% hot spring water at Sagasawakan, a hot spring ryokan located in Amagi-Yukeshima

Enjoy natural hot spring water from the source at Sagasawakan, a hot spring inn located in Amagi Yukeshima.

Enjoy a new hot spring bath with 100% natural hot spring water and bedrock bath.

And why not enjoy a trip that satisfies both your mind and your stomach with a seasonal vegetable kaiseki dinner!

In this issue, we will introduce in detail the charm, location, room features, and cuisine of this Sagasawakan in Shizuoka Prefecture.

Sagasawakan Location

Sagasawakan Location
Source : https://www.sagasawakan.com/

Sagasawakan, located 30 minutes by bus from Shuzenji Station, is a hot spring inn on Amagi Yukeshima.

The surrounding sightseeing spots, such as Joren Falls, Bamboo Grove Path, and Koibito Cape, will make your travel schedule full of fun.

Joren Falls, one of Izu’s most famous tourist attractions and one of the top 100 waterfalls in Japan, is a 25-meter-high, 7-meter-wide waterfall that spans a basalt cliff amid deep foliage.

The Amagi International Trout Fishing Resort is located downstream of the waterfall basin, and wasabi fields, a specialty of Amagi, are located along the mountain stream.

The bamboo grove path connects Kaede-dori Avenue, which runs along the Katsuragawa River flowing through the center of the hot spring resort by the Tokko-no-yu hot spring, to the Takishita-bashi bridge upstream.

Enjoy the harmony of the beautiful autumn leaves and bamboo grove as you stroll past restaurants, sweet shops, and general stores, and you will realize that you have come to Shuzenji.

The illuminated bamboo grove is also outstanding.

And then there is the legendary Lover’s Cape, where it is said that if you ring the bell at the tip of the cape three times while calling out the name of the person you love, your love will be fulfilled.

Fuji and the Southern Alps, and the sunset that turns the horizon red is one of the most spectacular spots on the west coast of Izu.

Sagasawakan Attraction

Sagasawakan Attraction
Source : https://www.sagasawakan.com/

Sagasawakan is a hot-spring inn located in Naka Izu.

The entrance is well balanced with traditional natural materials such as wood and stone and modern furnishings.
In the lobby overlooking the garden, beverages are available, and the relaxing space will soothe your fatigue.

The wooden terrace where you can cool off in the hot spring with a view of the riverside and the luxurious furnishings are made of genuine natural materials, allowing you to feel the warmth of Mother Nature.

On the deck terrace, you can relax while listening to the sound of a murmuring stream, the greenery of the trees, and the murmuring of the Kano River.

On the way to the bedrock bath, there is a space where you can overlook the Kano River, and you will feel the spirit of hospitality in every corner of the healing space.

The four indoor baths overlooking the pure nature are filled to overflowing with hot water and offer a luxurious experience.

For those who want to enjoy their own private space, there are three private baths, each with a different flavor.
There are also three private bedrock baths with plenty of germanium and barley stone.

Please feel the detoxification effect by discharging harmful minerals and wastes.

Sagasawakan Room

Sagasawakan Room
Source : https://www.sagasawakan.com/

Sagasawakan offers three types of guest rooms to suit your travel taste. These rooms are surrounded by rich nature and overflowing with a Japanese-style atmosphere.

A Japanese/Western style room with a modern touch based on Japanese style. A Japanese-style room with a high-quality open-air bath. A Japanese-style room with a front garden.

The Japanese/Western style room with an open-air bath has a bedroom with a bed or a Japanese bed and a living room with modern furniture.

The room has an open-air bath overlooking the mountains and the Kano River, and is spacious enough for you to relax.

In the Japanese-style room with an open-air bath, you can enjoy bathing while listening to the murmuring of the river in the spacious tatami room.

We hope you will forget the busyness of daily life and spend a supreme time.

Furthermore, in the Japanese-style room with open-air bath and bed, which was renovated in October 2022, you can enjoy a private bath with 100% natural hot spring water.

The rooms by the river, where you can almost reach the clear stream, have a Japanese atmosphere and a comfortable semi-double bed made by modern Simmons!

Sagasawakan Cuisine

Sagasawakan Cuisine
Source : https://www.sagasawakan.com/

Sagasawakan’s cuisine is based on Kyo ryori (Kyoto-style cooking), with dishes from each of the four seasons changing monthly.

Kyo ryori is a sophisticated cuisine that makes the best use of ingredients, and it is said that the key to its flavor is the use of good ingredients.

The basic dishes are created using local ingredients as well as blissful items from all over Japan and the world.

You can enjoy seasonal ingredients such as soft steamed egg custard filled with the delicious taste of cod roe and turnip, zuwai crab balls with the full flavor of crab meat, seasonal inshore fish caught in Izu, and sashimi centered on tuna caught in Numazu and Ito.

Surrounded by the sea and mountains, the Izu region offers a rich variety of ingredients, including inshore fish, wasabi (Japanese horseradish), matsutake mushrooms, and other local specialties that can only be found in this region!

In addition, breakfast is a rich and colorful Japanese meal with a wide variety of dishes, including dried Izu fish.

All meals are served in a private dining room, allowing couples and families to spend a relaxing time together.

As an option, they can prepare a celebration cake along with dinner dessert, so you can order a surprise.

Sagasawakan Basic Information

Facility Name Sagasawakan
Address 400-1 Kadonohara, Izu City, Shizuoka, Japan
Phone Number +81558-85-0115
Budget Approx. 65,700 yen for 2 persons (tax included)
Official website https://www.sagasawakan.com/


This time we have introduced Sagasawakan in Shizuoka Prefecture.

Enjoy the 100% natural hot spring water and seasonal dishes at Sagasawakan.

Please visit Sagasawakan, a quiet healing inn overlooking the Kano River.