Kamogawa Kan, a hot spring inn that has healed the hearts of people traveling the Boshu Road

This time, I would like to introduce “Kamogawa Kan” from Kamogawa City, Chiba Prefecture.

I recommend it because it is located in a place where you can enjoy the view of the natural beauty that Boso is famous for.

The location, charm, rooms, and cuisine are described in this article, so please refer to it for your reference.

Location of Kamogawa Kan

Kamogawa Kan exterior
Source: https://www.ikyu.com/

Kamogawa Kan, a hot spring inn, is located in the “Matsubara of Awa,” which has been healing the hearts of people traveling the Boshu Road since ancient times.

The sea breeze blowing through the pine forest, the sunshine streaming through the windows, and the panoramic view of the azure ocean are just a few of the unique features you can experience here.

By train, it takes about two hours to get there from Tokyo Station on the Sotobo Line “Express Wakashio”.

It is a location that can be enjoyed by a wide range of people, as it is suitable for various situations such as weddings and group use.

The charm of Kamogawa Kan

Shiosai no Yu
Shiosai no Yu

Nagisa no Yu
Nagisa no Yu
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In the large bathhouse, you can enjoy two different types of hot springs: “Shiosai no Yu”, a seaside hot spring that gushes from its own source, and “Nagisa no Yu”, a new type of hot spring pool with a different look depending on the time of day and weather.

The Shiosai-no-yu contains salt, which is typical of seaside hot springs, and warms the body from the core, and is expected to have a moisturizing effect as well as to help with neuralgia and muscle pain.

The Nagisa no Yu, on the other hand, has a faint smell of sulfur and a synergistic effect of hydrogen carbonate spring water, which is sure to make your skin smooth and beautiful.

Rooms at Kamogawa Kan

Guest Room
Guest room

Friendly Room
Friendly Room

Japanese-style room with outdoor hot spring
Japanese-style room with open-air bath
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The hotel offers three types of guest rooms: high-grade rooms, standard rooms, and reasonable rooms.

Each room is equipped with different facilities such as an indoor bath made of Japanese cypress, an outdoor bath, and a terrace, and the view from the room is also different.

All of the guest rooms are equipped with free WiFi, air purifiers, and a bag for going out.

The cuisine of Kamogawa Kan

Kamogawa Kan's Cuisine
Source: https://www.ikyu.com/

MAIWAI is a dining room where you can enjoy a breathtaking live performance on the teppan and gourmet cuisine presented in a luxurious space.

The private dining room Yoshidaya is a private dining room with an open kitchen where you can enjoy Japanese kaiseki with a view of the stylish Japanese garden.

At Kamogawa-kan, we are actively introducing a separation of meals and overnight stays, which allows guests to choose between these meals according to their mood.

You can enjoy the seasonal delicacies of the sea caught in Boso and the mountains produced by the rich soil, all prepared by our top chefs.

Information and summary of Kamogawa Kan


Facility Name Kamogawa Kan
Address 1179 Nishimachi, Kamogawa, Chiba
Phone number 04-7093-4111
Approximate budget Approximately 31,900 yen for 2 people (tax included)~
Official website https://www.kamogawakan.co.jp /


What do you think? In this article, I’ve introduced the Kamogawa Kan.

I’m curious about the hot spring pools that soothe the body while overlooking the scenic beauty of Boso.

The hot springs are also expected to have a beautiful effect on the skin, so it is a good point that they seem to be friendly to women.

Please take this opportunity to visit Kamogawa Kan.